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Competent Care

“When I needed competent care for the physical effects of PTSD resulting from extensive domestic abuse, I did not hesitate to entrust myself to Ramona. She has a welcoming presence which calms anxiety and encourages trust in both her skill and the healing process itself. Ramona helped me to recognize and relax some of my trauma-based responses. I learned how to listen more deeply, and to honor more fully, the wisdom of my body.” ~J.K.

Body Clues

“Ramona was totally present to me and that, in itself, was healing. I learned how little attention I‘ve ever paid to the clues my body was giving me. I also learned that my being aware of these clues is the first and, perhaps, most important step toward change and healing. The process that we started in our ten sessions continues!” ~ June C.

Respectful Practitioner

“Ramona is a gentle but firm, trusted and respectful practitioner. Working with Ramona allowed me to explore and become aware of body dynamics that contribute to my overall healing and health. Ramona listens well and is not afraid of intense responses from a client. Her strong presence stands out.”

~ Kelly O., Lebanon, PA