Ramona Ndlovu, MAMFT, L.M.T. (MSG007885), CST, TTT

I grew up in a small New England town with a wooded backyard. I loved it. I loved climbing the Eastern White pines, looking for chickadees through the kitchen window, and ice skating or sledding in the winter. I will admit I did not like the mosquitoes, which seemed to love me, and find me, no matter how much Off I put on. I was a happy kid.

Perhaps you identify with a happy childhood.


I also had a secret. I had been hurt when I was very young. I kept it a secret. I began to keep the silence that too many of us know too well how to keep. But sometimes my secret showed in the way I played, in the way I stood apart, and in the way I accepted other people unburdening their secrets and pain to me. I became a very good listener and began to develop other skills that serve me well as a healer.

Is there a secret you’ve held that formed the way you approach life?


Funny. Despite my inner struggles people sought my counsel and experienced me as one who offered a big heart and sage advice. I have been listening to other people’s problems and helping them to find solutions for a long time now.

Have you ever been told you were wise beyond your years?


Not funny. As I was learning to listen deeply to others, I was also teaching myself to ignore my own emotions and needs. I learned to turn the volume down on my body. I struggled with depression, isolation, and fear. So, I worked really hard to control as much as I could.

Can you relate to putting the needs of others above your own?


All of that crumbled when I had my own daughter more than twenty years ago. I recognized how disconnected I was from MYSELF. I wasn’t really okay. I was beginning to experience the pain of unhealed wounds and I lived in fear of losing tenuous control.

Have you ever feared you’d be found out and you’re not even sure what it’s about? I want to tell you that there’s help and support available for you!


This deep recognition of disconnection led me on a search to get the help I needed and pulled me toward a desire to grow beyond my fear and pain. I did talk therapy, Bible study, and immersed myself in just doing the next thing. I became a student longing to learn why I hurt so much, how I could stop the pain, and not repeat it with my children. I dove into my Christian faith and followed the paths that led to increasing joy and freedom. I experienced the sweet, sour, bitter, salty mixture of life as it is daily and life as it can be in those times of living fully. I chose to say, “YES!” to more life and more fullness.

Maybe, you too, have been a seeker.


I then became an academic student of the spirit, body, and mind. I learned what the research is teaching about the impact of adverse childhood experiences on our health, the amazing connection between body, mind, and spirit, and the healing that comes from attending to and strengthening this connection.

I love sharing what I’ve learned to help other people to heal.


I work with women, couples, and families who want satisfying relationships, more clarity, and greater ease in life; but who struggle with fear, physical restrictions, loneliness, poor communication, and anger. I offer individual, couple, and family sessions, retreats, and customized packages so they can give and receive love more fully, feel more connected, experience less pain, and get more of what they long for.

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