Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction involves an ongoing conversation. This conversation includes three entities, the Spirit (known by many names: the all, the ground of our being, higher power, etc.), yourself, and your director. We will start with getting to know the world in which you live and breathe. There will be time for you to get to know me as well.

Anything that is going on in your life can be brought to spiritual direction because this relationship is about your spiritual growth. Every interaction and event in life can help us to grow spiritually, if we have eyes to see.

Many a great dream or realization started with a very small noticing. A spiritual director can help call attention to and draw out something that you may not have noticed or may not have placed much emphasis on in your daily life. Throughout our time together one thing to remember is that God is the Director and I will often encourage you to sit with what God is stirring in your spirit.

If we discern that we are to walk together for a while, we will meet once a month for about an hour each time. I hope you will consider this an opportunity not to be missed.