Marriage & Family Therapy

Are you living with the painful consequences of bad decisions and want more joy, ease, and fulfillment?

Do you want to stop fighting and start cooperating, connecting, and communicating?

Do you feel frozen, on an emotional rollercoaster, or both depending on the day?

Do you want to experience your emotions as supporting your experience of a richer more satisfying life?

Are you feeling lonely and isolated, like no one gets you or even wants to? Would you like more mutually loving relationships where you are seen, heard, and treated with respect?

Let’s work together so you can:

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

I work with a new generation of women and couples who are turning trauma into triumph, struggle into strength. They want satisfying relationships, more clarity, and greater ease in life, but they struggle with fear, physical pain, loneliness, poor communication, and overwhelming emotions.

I actively incorporate a whole-person perspective including body work and spirituality while addressing mental and emotional aspects of my clients’ concerns. I am committed to my own personal growth. My work with you is customized and informed by my personal work and training in massage therapy, spiritual direction, somatic therapy, and family systems.