Massage Therapy Services & Rates

All massage services are 30 minutes for $40, 60 minutes for $70, and 90 minutes for $95 unless otherwise noted.

Swedish Massage

A system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints


Deep Tissue

Releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons and fascia. It is called deep tissue because it also focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.



A deeply relaxing technique. The warmth and slow movement of the therapist's hands allow the layers of fascia to gradually release, increasing range of movement and decreasing tension in the areas treated.



Relaxing application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to stimulate corresponding areas in other parts of the body


Chair Massage

Received fully clothed in a seated position in a specifically designed portable chair. It focuses on reducing the incidence of repetitive strain injuries, relieving the effects of poor posture, lowering stress, increasing mental alertness, boosting productivity, and alleviating some of the aches and pains of life
$1 per minute


Reiki or Usui system

Deeply relaxing hands-on healing method that supports your own ability to heal. The practitioner is a compassionate conduit of safe, healthy touch. Touch brings you home to your Self and is the gateway to the body’s knowing. As your body relaxes it moves into rest and digest mode, which is when healing and recovery can happen.

Learn Reiki Level 1, Level 2, or Reiki Master/Teacher with Ramona. Please call or email for more information.


Trauma Touch Therapy

Trauma Touch Therapy is a noninvasive client centered bodywork modality, which allows clients to gain tools for dissipating the energetic charge of trauma and integrate this new skill set into their lives. (See the Trauma Touch Therapy page for more information.)


Table Thai Yoga

This is a beautifully relaxing and deep massage. When you come for your massage you will wear clothes that allow maximum movement i.e. sweat pants, yoga pants, shorts, and a T-shirt. Many clients opt for a two hour session to get the full benefits. I recommend a 90 minute session for your first time. During this massage I use Swedish techniques while your body is in motion. This allows me to give a thorough massage while working various aspects of each muscle addressed.


Add Ons

Prior to massage:

- Sugar or salt scrub for hands or feet $15 (both $20)

During massage:

- Warm stones $15 (call ahead)

- Reflexology on hands or feet (standard rate)

- AromaTouch Technique $30


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